Honda’s electric SUV

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Honda lifts the veil on its two SUV e:NP1 and e:NS1 and attacks the Chinese market with the new Honda e:NP1 and e:NS1.The interior does not change, except for the central part. The Honda e:NP1 and e:NS1 change their presentation in favor of a large 15.1-inch touch screen. Gathering all the functions related to the uses on the new platform Architecture F of the brand. It is one of the new platforms dedicated and developed by Honda for the future e:N family of electric cars. Alongside it will be born the Architecture W, declined in all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

Without many details, we stipulate that the large capacity battery allows us to target a range of 510 km according to the Chinese NEDC cycle, much more favorable than the WLTP and with an average consumption of 13.8 kWh/100 km. We can anticipate a 70 kWh battery. The same battery that should equip the Honda e:NY1, the European brother of the e:NP1 and e:NS1, knowing that it is expected with a WLTP autonomy close to 400 km and that it should see the day in 2023.

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