The electric Fiat 500 : victim of its success

Arrived in our dealerships almost two years ago, the electric Fiat 500 is a real success. It is the second best-selling electric car in France in the first half of 2022. But the Italian company can no longer meet the growing demand. 

It’s official, the electric Fiat 500 is a bestseller. It’s the most rewarded Fiat model of all time. In two years, the electric city car has been purchased by more than 100,000 customers and won 33 international awards in nine different countries. 

With 38,000 registrations in the first seven months of 2022 in France, the electric Fiat 500 is behind the Tesla models Y and 3. But it managed to overtake Volkswagen in Germany, reaching the top position in sales.

Fiat 500 electric 2.0 

In recent weeks, the Italian manufacturer Fiat has launched a new range of electric Fiat 500. Three models are now available: the 3-door, 3+1-door and convertible. Two technical configurations are always offered on these cars: you can choose between a 70kW engine, with 95 horsepower, and a 23.8 kWh battery, or an 87 kW engine, 118 horsepower, and a 42 kWh battery. And finally, there are now three new features to choose from : Icon, Red and Prima, in addition to Action. 

fiat 500 e models
© L’Argus – Fiat 500 e models and prices from January 2022

Are prices going up?

These novelties are accompanied by a disadvantage: the increase in price. Initially sold at 24,500 euros at the end of 2020, by spring the price had been increased to 27,400 euros.  Bad news, today the electric Fiat 500 is offered from 30 400 euros. Fiat insists that this increase is due to improvements in equipment and finishes, especially on the classic 500. Indeed, the electric 500 now has a large 10.25 screen, connected services, automatic air conditioning, cruise control and rain sensor. But packs to perfect the technology, comfort and style are however offered, starting at 1,200 euros.

screen fiat 500 electric
© linternaute – Fiat 500 e screen

Too much demand, not enough supply

The Italian manufacturer can no longer keep pace. Due to the striking success of the electric Fiat 500, their production should be doubled or even tripled to meet customer demand. But the creation of cars is slowed down by the shortage of semiconductors*. 

What is a semiconductor* ?

It is a material which is both an insulator, but also conducts electricity. All the essential electronic elements in modern  cars are manufactured by semiconductors. This shortage is expected to last until 2024, according to US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo.

Despite the shortage of semiconductors, Fiat is doing everything it can to reach its 2022 goal of assembling 90,000 vehicles. 

To remember : 

In two years, the electric Fiat 500 has been purchased by more than 100,000 customers
Won 33 international awards in nine different countries
Three models are now available: 3-door, 3+1-door and convertible
Several finishes are proposed: Prima, Red, Icon
The price of the electric Fiat 500 was 24,500 euros
Today, it is available from 30,400 euros

The differences between the new features :

ActionEmergency call
Line Crossing Alert
Recognition of signs
Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection
Driver vigilance alert
Drive mode selector
Light sensor
15-inch rims with hubcaps
LED daytime running lights
Manual air conditioning
Hands-free start
Docking station for mobile phone
7” Digital Counter
HP 4 Audio System
2.3 kW plug cable
Action Plus (in addition to Action finishes)Winter Radio Package:
Uconnect 7” + Apple CarPlay & Android Wireless Auto + Connected Services + Induction Charger + Heated Front Seats + Heated Windshield + Retro Electric & Defroster
Icon (in addition to Action finishes)Rain sensor
Intelligent speed limiter
Hands-free access
Recoil radar
16-inch alloy wheels
Leather steering wheel
Electric windows
Automatic air conditioning
10 inch touch screen
Icon Plus (in addition to Action Plus finishes)Comfort Package:
Central armrest + Closed central console + Driver’s seat with 6 settings + 50/50 split seat,
Magic Eye Pack: Full LED ‘Infinity’ Front Projectors + Automatic High Beam/Dipped Beam + Internal Mirror. Photochromatic
La Prima (in addition to Icon Plus finishes)Keyless Opening Package: 
Opening without key driver side + Secondary key ‘roller’ + Mopar ‘Roller’ key shell
Red Outside and inside red
Interior Fait 500 electric Red
©Fiat – interior of the Fiat 500 e with Red feature added

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