Aion Hyper HT : the new copycat of the Tesla Model Y

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voiture électrique Aion hyper ht tesla

Copycat alert : the Tesla Model Y inspires yet another new Chinese electric SUV in the electric car market.

Chinese manufacturer Aion will launch a new electric SUV, the Hyper HT. This model seems strongly inspired by the Tesla Model Y, which is the most sold electric SUV in China.

The Hyper HT is larger than the Model Y, with a length of 4,935 meters, a height of 1,700 meters and a wheelbase of 2,935 meters. It is also more powerful than the American model, with a power of 340 horsepower in the propulsion version.

Aion has not yet announced the price or release date of the Hyper HT. However, it is expected to be marketed in China in 2024.

To resume : 

Aion a Chinese manufacturer launches a new SUV : the Hyper HT
Its aesthetic is strongly inspired by the Tesla Model Y
But he’s bigger and more powerful than his American rival 
It will be marketed in 2024 in China

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