New ecological bonus in 2024 : a complex and confused calculation

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voiture électrique bonus écologique

Complicated ! That’s the word Movo would use to describe the new ecological bonus calculation. So bad news for our electric car drivers, if you hope to benefit from this help you will have to reach a score defined by a difficult calculation. Let us explain :

It has been official for a few months, the payment of the ecological bonus in 2024 will be thanks to a new criteria : an environmental score. Unveiled in July, a long calculation would define this score*.

But first, why these changes ? The concept is simple, in addition to the price and date of purchase of the electric car, now the French government also takes into account the carbon footprint of the production and transport of the vehicle. Because, as we all know, building an electric car pollutes a lot! If this novelty has a more ecological will, it aims especially to limit the purchase of foreign electric cars. Of course, many factories on the other side of the world use very polluting energies, but the French state wants above all to promote the made in France and made in Europe by making it almost impossible to obtain the ecological bonus if the vehicle is foreign. Very clever to put obstacles in the wheels of American and Chinese brands that take over the French market.

What is this famous calculation*? Fasten your seatbelts, it will be complicated.

bonus écologique 2024
©Automobile Propre – calculation of the environmental score

EC details are as follows :

So as you see above, several factors are essential in this calculation.

ECferreux : takes into account the carbon footprint of the production of ferrous metals used in the manufacture of the car, excluding those necessary for the battery.

ECaluminium : means the carbon footprint of the production of aluminium consumed during the manufacture of the vehicle, excluding those necessary for the battery.

ECAM : represents the production carbon footprint of other materials used in the manufacture of the car, excluding battery.

ECbattery : takes into account the carbon footprint necessary for the manufacture of the battery.

ECAT I: represents the carbon footprint of the energy required for intermediate transformations and vehicle assembly.

ECtransport : illustrates the carbon footprint caused by the transporting the vehicle from its assembly site to its distribution site in France.

In this formula, everything is expressed in kg eq- CO2 or kg CO2 equivalent. ECversion is therefore the total carbon footprint.

There remains a question, concretely which models will benefit from the ecological bonus in 2024 ?

Unfortunately, the answer is still not so simple. All manufacturers will have to create a folder per car, per version, even per model with a different battery. Then, this file will be given to the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), which will calculate the environmental score.

And it is not over, the score will then be shared with the ministers responsible for the economy, energy, ecology and transport, while they will decide “to achieve the minimum environmental score of the version by order.”

All we know is that the score is over 80, you have to get a minimum of 60 to get the bonus. The manufacturers’ applications will be submitted from October and from 15 December the models eligible for the ecological bonus will be known.

And to even claim this aid, we remind you that the vehicle should not cost more than 47 000 € and must weigh less than 2.4 tons.

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