Notice to VW Combi nostalgics: the ID Buzz is here !

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After first exhibiting the ID Buzz at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017, Volkswagen made its official presentation on March 9, 2022.

The van, which is part minivan, part MPV and part SUV, will come in two versions: a 5 seat minivan and a 3 seat SUV renamed Cargo.

With a wheelbase of 2.99 m, a length of 4.71 m and a width of 1.98 m, the ID Buzz is not so close to the T1 of 1950. Indeed, it is much more comparable to the T2 Combi of 1967 with its integral windshield and its huge VW logo in the middle of the front face. As for the Cargo, it will lose some rear windows and equipment.

Despite all the similarities with the previous models in terms of exterior design, the interior is inspired by more recent models. Indeed, its dashboard, inherited from the ID4, is equipped with two digital screens with a central 12-inch panel. There are also two glove boxes and an induction charging slot for smartphones located near the steering wheel.

Nevertheless, this minibus keeps some characteristics of its Combi ancestor with a straight seat for the driving position and a steering wheel placed horizontally. In the back, there is a spacious bench that can accommodate three passengers. With a volume of more than 1.1 m3 for the 5-seater version and 3.9 m3 for the 3-seater version, the cargo hold is ample for loading luggage and equipment.

Volkswagen is doing it again by borrowing the engine and battery from the ID4. The platform is located under the floor and the engine at the rear, which avoids a bulky hood. With 204 hp of power and 77 kWh of capacity, the speed is limited to 145 km/h and the range to 450 km.

Both versions of the vehicle will be available in September, starting at 60,000 euros.

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