A new CMF-A platform for the Dacia Spring 2

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Dacia Spring nouvelle génération

While the first version has just been launched on the market, the second generation of the Dacia Spring continues to make its way on the automotive market. After the statements of the Automobilwoche, which provided a little more information, it is now the Renault group that gives more precise indications about the Dacia Spring 2.

During the presentation of Renault’s financial results, Luca de Meo said that the next Dacia Spring will be launched in 2024, along with the Renault 5 and other models of the group, such as the sporty variant of the R5 under the Alpine brand. The next electric city car will continue to be based on a CMF-A family platform; however, it will receive several modifications to better fit the electric segment when it is released.

The current generation is based on a CMF-AEV unit, an electrified derivative of the CMF-A used in urban cars for emerging markets, which is already seven years old. According to early rumors, this technical upgrade will allow it to carry a larger battery, promising more than 300 km of range.

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