The Gazelle Tech electric car and made in France

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A Bordeaux-based start-up is launching its Gazelle, an ultra-light electric car produced in what the company calls “micro-factories”. The CEO of the company puts forward the “low tech”, at the antipodes of the race to the technology and the armament of the car industry. An electric car that weighs more than two tons, monopolizes large quantities of resources for batteries, and brings together thousands of semiconductors, the production of which is extremely is it really ecological? Probably not. In any case, this is what Gaël Lavaud, the founder of Gazelle Tech, must have realized. The concept? To make light and affordable light and affordable electric cars, in “micro-factories”.

In an interview granted to France 3 Régions, the boss of Gazelle Tech recalls: “Unlike the Gigafactory, which will concentrate production in one place and then export it around the world, we want to disseminate micro-factories around the world and create jobs. Gaël Lavaud believes that this is the future of industry, not the hyper-concentration of production. “The advantage of microfactories is that they allow the development of economic activity with very little investment where there is nothing. They are suitable for creating jobs in our field and in emerging countries that do not have manufacturers.

The car weighs about 900 kg (thanks to a fiberglass carcass), including the batteries (whose capacity and origin have not been communicated… too bad) and can travel 180 km on a single charge, at a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Recharging would take only 4 hours on a standard domestic socket, which gives an indication of the battery: about 10 kWh (taking into account a 2.3 kW socket), and an average consumption of about 6 kWh/100 km.

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