Playing video games in your Tesla

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Jouer dans sa Tesla

For many months now and following the announcement of the new Tesla Model S and Model X, the
idea of playing video games inside one’s electric car has become something to consider. Elon Musk
had even put forward several times the fact that his flagships would allow to play Cyberpunk 2077,
thanks to the famous AMD Ryzen chip.

Tesla has confirmed that the European Model 3 and Model Y are also entitled to this famous super-
powerful processor. This will increase their computing power tenfold.

The computing power of the new Tesla Model S and Model X on-board computers is comparable to
that of a next-generation console like the PlayStation 5.

However, for the moment, this computing power doesn’t seem to be used at all, with only simple,
classic, low-resource games – Sonic being the latest. Elon Musk says Tesla is working on the
possibility of running games on the Steam platform rather than porting specific versions of certain
games to the vehicles. When the new Tesla Model S and Model X were unveiled, it was revealed that
the graphics processor in the infotainment system has a computing capacity of around 10 Teraflops,
which is effectively equivalent to a PlayStation 5 (10.28 Teraflops).

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