Is Bentley’s new Batur a hint of their future ?

Unveiled at the Pebble Beach 2022 competition, the new Mulliner Batur thermal sports car sets the tone. Limited to 18 units and worth almost 2 million euros, this new jewel foreshadows the style of Bentley’s next electric cars. 

By 2035, like all other automakers, Bentley will have to stop selling cars with thermal engines. But the British firm has already taken the lead : in November 2020, it announced its desire to become a 100% electric brand by 2030. A tricky challenge that will start with their Five in Five* plan in 2025.

What is the Five in Five* plan ? 

By 2030, Bentley will produce 5 electric models in 5 years.
The first car will be produced in 2025. 
They will offer both model renewals and extensions.  
The Bentayga SUV and Flying Spur will be the first to benefit from these changes.

If for the moment, nothing has been revealed about the style of future cars, the Batur, despite its 6-litre W12 engine, tells us a lot. This small jewel is a large touring coupe with two doors. Concerning the design, circular optics, present for decades on Bentley cars, were removed from this model, and replaced with stretched out  headlights. A drastic and modern change that announces the stylistic break between the old thermal models and the next electric ones :  “Overall, the shape is clearer and simpler, and we rely more on curved surfaces cut in half in the right places to reflect light and darkness and give more muscle to the design,” says Bentley Design Director, Andreas Mindt.

Bentley’s Mulliner Batur without circular optics beside a Berline Flying Spur 2022

New : Customizable Bentley

The interior of Bentley’s Batur

The interior of the Mulliner Batur seems very simplistic, but it actually leaves a lot of room for customization.  Titanium, and 18-carat gold are available to embellish the entire car, from the door handles to the ventilation outlets. 

With 740 horsepower, the Batur is the last thermal vehicle that will be produced by Bentley. Unfortunately, this sports car is scheduled to stay in gas and will not see the light of day as an electric. 

To remember :

The Batur is sold for 1.65 million pounds sterling or 1.96 million euros.
Only 18 copies have been produced, they have all already been purchased. 
It has a 6 liter W12 engine. 
This is the last thermal car Bentley will produce. 
With 740 horsepower it is the most powerful car of the brand. 
The Batur can climb to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. 
It foreshadows the design of Bentley's next electric cars. 

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