Is it worth renting an electric Nissan Leaf for €249 per month in a long-term lease ?

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nissan leaf electric car

In June, Nissan is offering a more affordable lease offer for the Leaf, with a 25% discount.

Although the Leaf currently benefits from a significant discount (approximately €5,000), Nissan prefers to highlight a leasing offer with a more attractive rate for customers.

In June, the electric compact car is offered starting from €249 per month, with no down payment. According to the brand, this represents a 25% savings compared to the usual conditions, with a rent reduction of €85. Is it wise to be tempted? Before deciding, let’s examine the conditions and the competition!

At this price, what do you get? The good news is that the base Acenta trim is already well-equipped. It includes alloy wheels, keyless entry and start system, automatic air conditioning, an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, as well as a rearview camera. No details have been overlooked in this regard.

This model is equipped with a 150 horsepower motor and a 40 kWh battery. It offers a WLTP range of 270 km in mixed driving conditions. In its category, this may seem low, but it is important to consider your driving habits: a range of 270 km is sufficient for daily commutes.

However, it is true that the Leaf has limitations for long trips. In addition to its low range, it is equipped with a “fast” charging socket of the ChaDeMo type, which is less common in charging stations. Furthermore, its maximum charging power is limited to 50 kW. It takes about an hour to go from 20% to 80% charge.

Now let’s get back to the conditions of the offer. It is a long-term lease of 37 months and 30,000 km. With lease contracts, it is important to pay attention to the costs of refurbishment when you have to return the vehicle. The proposed mileage is decent, although it may be limited considering that the Leaf is a compact car intended for family use.

The price is €249 per month, with no or almost no down payment. Nissan takes into account a €7,000 bonus in the first increased payment. However, this €7,000 bonus is reserved for individuals with a fiscal reference income per share lower than €14,090. Otherwise, the bonus is €5,000. However, it is still possible to negotiate the missing €2,000.

After the first payment reduced to €0, it will cost you €249 per month for three years, totaling €8,964 over three years. In comparison, the new model, without the bonus, costs €36,900.

What are the offers from the competition? Facing the Leaf, it is interesting to see what MG offers with the MG 4. It is also offered at €249 per month (it should be noted that the MG 4’s list price, without the bonus, is €29,990, which is nearly €7,000 less than the Nissan). It is also a long-term lease, but for a longer period of 48 months. MG also takes into account an increased initial payment covered by the €7,000 bonus.

At this price, the MG 4 is equipped with a 51 kWh LFP battery, offering a WLTP range of 350 km, which gives it greater versatility. Most importantly, it has a CCS fast charging socket with a maximum power of 117 kW. Thus, going from 10% to 80% charge takes 40 minutes. The MG 4 will be more suitable for long trips. Furthermore, its basic equipment is just as generous.

Among affordable electric compact cars, it is also interesting to take a look at the Citroën C4, which offers an aggressive deal on the Live trim. It includes a 10-inch touchscreen, automatic dual-zone air conditioning, electric and heated mirrors, rear parking sensors, and a rain sensor as standard. An advantage of the Citroën is the included heat pump.

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