Electric Cars Are Killing Diesel

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Electric cars are the new star of the European car market. In 2023, sales of 100% electric cars jumped 37%, to reach 1.5 million units. They now account for 14.6% of all sales, overtaking diesel, which is down to 13.6%.

Electric cars are now the third most popular choice in Europe, behind gasoline cars (35.3%) and hybrids (25.8%).

This trend is particularly marked in southern European countries, where diesel sales have fallen by more than 20% in one year. In Spain, for example, they fell by 26.5%.

In Germany, diesel is the only powertrain to have grown in 2023, with an increase of 10.3%. But this growth is due to the end of the government subsidy for electric cars, which led to a 47.6% drop in sales of these models in December last year.

It seems, therefore, that electric is on the way to becoming the dominant powertrain in Europe. This trend is likely to accelerate in the coming years, with the introduction of new regulations aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

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