Honda to release new electric NSX sports car

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NSX Honda électrique

Honda is set to release a new NSX sports car, and this time it will be an electric vehicle. The Japanese automaker has confirmed that it is working on the project, and it is expected to hit the market in 2026.

The NSX is a legendary car for Honda. The first generation was launched in 1990, and it marked the brand’s return to the sports car segment. The second generation, released in 2016, was a hybrid, and it continued to be a popular choice.

The new electric NSX is expected to be a very high-performance vehicle. It is likely to be powered by multiple electric motors, which will allow it to reach high top speeds and deliver blistering acceleration.

But the electric NSX will not be just a performance car. It is also expected to be an elegant and refined vehicle. It is likely to retain the aggressive styling of previous NSX models, but it will also be lighter and more efficient.

The electric NSX will be the flagship of Honda’s new electric lineup, which is called Zero. The lineup will also include SUVs and sedans.

The electric NSX is a car that is sure to turn heads. It is proof that Honda is still capable of producing high-end sports cars.

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