The Tesla Cybertruck: stop the violence

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tesla cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck has had enough! Its chief engineer, Wes Morrill, has taken to Twitter, imploring owners to stop “torturing” it.

Since its unveiling, the electric pickup has undergone numerous, sometimes extreme, resistance tests. Live bullets, arrows, kicks, sledgehammers… The Cybertruck has been through it all.

Wes Morrill would like his “baby” to finally be able to “drive around freely in complete peace of mind”. He even proposes punishing the “torturers” by depriving them of spare parts.

Will Tesla react? It’s hard to say. This statement could calm tempers, or on the contrary, arouse curiosity and prompt further tests.

One thing is certain: Tesla will have to supply spare parts to owners. But will the brand be selective? How will it deal with cases of intentional damage?

The Cybertruck is still in its infancy. Its future will depend on Tesla’s ability to manage this unprecedented situation.

In the meantime, here are a few alternatives for electric pickup enthusiasts:

  • Le Ford F-150 Lightning
  • Le Rivian R1T
  • Le GMC Hummer EV

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