Porsche Boxster electric : a fury on the Nürburgring

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Porsche Boxter électrique

Porsche is continuing to develop its new electric Boxster, and the German coupe has been filmed driving on the Nordschleife, the legendary German circuit.

The images, filmed by the CarSpyMedia channel, show the electric Boxster in full attack on the over 20-kilometer circuit. The car is camouflaged, but the charging port can still be seen in the center, at the rear of the vehicle.

It can also be seen that the wheels of the electric Boxster lift off a bump at full acceleration, suggesting that the German coupe has impressive power and acceleration.

At the moment, we don’t know more about the technical side of the model, but it is likely that a two-motor, four-wheel-drive version will arrive after the rear-wheel-drive version currently being tested.

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