Norwegian taxis: The champions of electric

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Tesla Taxi

In Norway, electric taxis are becoming increasingly common. In 2023, they accounted for 88% of new taxis on the roads. This is even better than the overall new car registrations in the country, which stood at 82.4%.

In Bergen and Stavanger, all new taxis purchased in 2023 were electric. In Trondheim, the proportion was 97% and in Oslo, 90%.

This surge in electric taxis is due to a decision by Norwegian district authorities, who have set a deadline by which all taxi licenses must be electric.

The best-selling model among Norwegian taxis in 2023 was the Tesla Model Y. This car is appreciated by drivers for its spacious interior and generous trunk, its sufficient range and its premium image.

Norway is a pioneer in the electrification of transport. In 2023, 104,590 new electric cars were delivered in the country. This is due in particular to a high tax on the purchase of polluting petrol and diesel vehicles.

The country also has a well-developed network of public charging stations, with 3,000 conventional charging stations and 7,753 fast-charging stations.

In conclusion, Norway is a model for the world in terms of the transition to electric.

The Norwegian government’s goal is to have all new cars sold in the country be electric by 2025. This ambitious goal is well on track, and Norway is likely to be the first country in the world to achieve it.

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