ID.Buzz California: the electric van is a long way off

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ID. Buzz California Volkswagen voiture électrique

Bad news for fans of electric motorhomes: the Volkswagen ID.Buzz California won’t be on the market before the end of the decade.

Last summer, rumors claimed that the project had been delayed due to the vehicle’s weight, which could exceed 3.5 tons. But Volkswagen has denied this.

Lars Krause, Head of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen, revealed the real reason for the delay: demand is not yet there.

An “emblematic” project, but not yet urgent

Volkswagen acknowledges that the ID.Buzz California is an “emblematic” project, but that market figures and customer consultations do not yet show sufficient demand for this type of vehicle.

The German manufacturer expects demand to increase by the end of the decade. So we’ll have to wait a little longer to see the ID.Buzz California on the road.

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