Polestar’s carbon neutral goal

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Polestar's goal

Polestar aims to build a truly climate-neutral car by 2030, meaning that it will not only eliminate emissions from driving, but also from all the different aspects of production, and even sales and service.

The “Polestar 0 Project” will not simply offset carbon emissions by planting trees. Such an approach will require the systematic cooperation of an entire supply chain. According to the EV manufacturer, letters of intent have been signed with strategic partners for metals, safety, driving systems and electronics as part of the project. Each responsible for specific areas of Polestar’s assessment of the vehicles’ carbon footprint. Sweden’s SSAB will help provide “fossil-free” steel, while Norway’s Hydro will collaborate on aluminum. ZF will aim to innovate the propulsion system, and Autoliv will focus on zero-emission safety systems. Lighting supplier ZKW will also work on “climate-neutral electrical control and wiring systems.”

Polestar says it is currently soliciting help from a wide range of stakeholders, including academic researchers, and hopes the project will help decarbonize the entire industry and change the way cars are made. In 2020, Polestar emphasized the need to set “new standards for other automakers to follow.”

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