Nio and his Firefly Electric: Hope on European roads

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Nio firefly

The saga of Nio and its Firefly electric sedan: as Europe prepares to welcome a newcomer with a sparkling name! In 2025, Nio will unveil its new European nugget, Firefly, ready to light up the roads of the Old Continent.

The first glimpses of this sedan, which promises to rival the MG4, have already caused a sensation in China.

Nio, like an automotive ninja, has quietly set foot in Europe, selling just 2,000 cars last year. But make no mistake, 2024 is full of surprises, and 2025 looks set to be the year of revelations, with the launch of two new brands: Alps and Firefly, aimed directly at the major European car manufacturers, with prices more in line with market reality than the ET5, E7, EL6 or EL7.

Firefly, for its part, is preparing to conquer the heart of Europe, offering its products on the Old Continent before they are even offered to Chinese customers.The very first model of this new automotive era was caught in action on Chinese roads. Beneath its thick camouflage lies a stylistic mystery that tickles our curiosity.

While the temporary name Firefly is already shining in our minds, this 5-door compact sedan looks set to conquer the European market. A bold choice for Nio, since this type of bodywork is not commonplace in China.

Nio follows in the footsteps of the MG4, inspiring a new generation of Chinese manufacturers. The Firefly is expected to be priced in the same range as the MG4 and Dolphin, offering enthusiasts an entry into the electric world at around 30,000 euros. A new automotive era is dawning, full of sparkle and surprises!

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