Volvo : The Return of the Electric Estate

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Volvo break électrique

Volvo enters the electric station wagon race: when the timeless charm of the station wagon defies the SUV trend! While SUVs are all the rage on the automotive scene, station wagons are a rarity, especially electric ones.

But at Volvo, there’s no shortage of daring or outlandish ideas.The electric station wagon: an unexpected comeback

Once the darlings of families, station wagons have lost some of their superb appeal to the imposing SUV. However, Volvo is determined to restore this iconic model to its former glory. In Scandinavia, the realm of family models, the station wagon remains a safe bet.

As Volvo prepares to launch two electric SUVs this year, the EX30 and EX90, plans for an electric station wagon are taking shape. According to Jeremy Offer, Master of Design at Volvo, “our current vehicles are a reflection of our future models, including the legendary station wagon and the classic sedan”. A statement that speaks volumes about the brand’s ambitions.

For him, the aesthetics of a car remain paramount for consumers. It’s not just the user experience or high-tech gadgets that count. Estate cars have their place alongside SUVs, in his opinion. Jim Rowan, Volvo’s big boss, is more pragmatic but open-minded: “Can we design an intelligent, stylish station wagon? Is the demand there?
But does it really make sense for the company? Is there enough demand? To this question, Rowan answers confidently: “SUVs are selling like hotcakes today, but we have to remain flexible. We’re planning a new electric model every year for the next five years, so anything’s possible.

Station wagons no longer the stars at Volvo

Volvo’s station wagons no longer shine as brightly. In the UK, the V60 has even bowed out. A spokesman for the brand recently confided that “interest in our estate cars has dropped considerably”. If an electric station wagon sees the light of day, it could be based on Volvo’s SPA 2 platform, offering up to 500 hp (like the EX90). Expect all-wheel drive, twin engines and state-of-the-art technology, and Volvo’s future electric station wagon may well find itself alone in its niche. But it will still have a few rivals to keep an eye on. Nio has already launched the ET5 Touring (not yet available in France). BMW recently unveiled its i5 Touring, the German brand’s first electric station wagon. And let’s not forget Volkswagen’s ID.7 Tourer, due to enter the European market in 2024.

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