The Fiat Multipla is back in electric form

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fiat multipla électrique

Once mocked, today the Fiat Multipla, the “unattractive” but practical MPV, has been reinvented in an electric version!

Imagined by a visionary designer, the Re.Multipla retains the ingenious spirit of the original: six seats in a compact format, a flat floor and a spacious driving position.

This new version has modified the unpleasant and controversial aesthetics of the original model, the Re.Multipla boasting an elegant neo-retro look with floating LED headlights.

What if Fiat could bring this dream to life? The STLA Medium platform is perfect for a modern electric Multipla, measuring around 4.30 m in length.

So, are you ready to succumb to the (re)discovered charm of the Multipla?

In summary :

  • The Multipla, a practical MPV mocked for its design, could be back in electric form.
  • A designer has come up with the Re.Multipla, with a modern look and the practical spirit of the original.
  • Fiat’s STLA Medium platform could host this electric model.
  • Is the electric Multipla a crazy dream or a future reality?

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