The Neta GT : Presented and delivered in 1 month ?

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Neta GT new electric car

Just one month after its presentation, the Neta GT, an electric sports sedan, is already being delivered.

Chinese automaker Neta Automobile recently unveiled its latest creation, the Neta GT, and it is already available at dealerships in China, ready to be delivered to its owners.

Faced with increasing competition in the Chinese electric vehicle market, brands must act quickly to stand out and survive. Neta Automobile has chosen to meet this challenge by rapidly producing its latest innovation.

After launching the Neta S, an electric sedan, the manufacturer officially announced the release of an electric coupe in April. The Neta GT is now a reality, as the first customers in China have already taken delivery of their vehicles.

On May 13th, Neta held a delivery ceremony for its first GTs, celebrating the efficiency with which the car was brought to market, less than a month after the Shanghai Auto Show.

The Neta GT is available with three battery options, providing a range of 560 to 660 kilometers. These figures are based on the Chinese homologation cycle and are expected to be lower in Europe.

In terms of powertrain, it is available with either one or two motors, offering a power range of 230 to 460 horsepower. In the Chinese market, the prices of this electric sedan are very attractive, ranging from 23,500 to 29,995 euros.

To remember : 

In one month, the Neta GT, has been presented and will be delivered
It will have a range of 560 to 660 kilometres 
The power will go from 230 to 460 horsepower 
It will cost between 23,500 and 29,995 euros 

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