Le Ami Buggy makes its comeback : new features

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Ami Buggy

Citroën unveils the return of the Ami Buggy with improvements and a price that is sure to create a sensation.

Nearly a year after the launch of the ultra-limited edition My Ami Buggy, which sold out in just a few minutes on the brand’s website, Citroën has decided to offer a new series. This time, 1000 units will be produced and distributed in ten different countries, meeting the growing demand.

This adventurous version of the Ami retains the distinctive look introduced in 2022, with a khaki exterior color, yellow stickers, and golden rims. What sets the My Ami Buggy apart is its “open-air” concept reminiscent of the famous Méhari. It doesn’t have traditional doors but instead features mini-gates inspired by supermarket entrances. New plastic covers with zippers have been specially designed this year to protect occupants in case of bad weather.

Citroën has also developed a new roof closing mechanism that is easier to use. The canvas roof now closes with a zipper. The redesigned roof frame extends forward, creating a sun visor for the driver and passenger.

Inside, the instrument panel on the steering column has been redesigned, featuring a small retro-style cap. A new storage space has been added in the steering wheel cavity (the Ami does not have an airbag). It is a small pouch held by clip-on backpack straps that wrap around the two arches. This pouch can be taken with the driver when they leave the vehicle. Customers will also benefit from an “Ultimate Ears Boom” portable Bluetooth speaker.

The Ami Buggy will be available for pre-order exclusively online starting from June 20th at 10 a.m. Deliveries will begin in September.

However, the downside is the price, which surpasses the symbolic threshold of €10,000. The 2023 version will be offered at a price of €10,490, compared to €9,790 in 2022. Despite this increase, the Ami Buggy remains an affordable option for off-road enthusiasts seeking unique driving experiences.

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