The C-HR : the car that has it all

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toyota electric car

Toyota is in the process of dismantling the C-HR, its compact hybrid car that was very successful at its launch in 2016. The opportunity for bargain lovers to make a raid on this model that still has beautiful remains.

An original style, but not for everyone

The first asset of the C-HR is its original style, which does not leave indifferent. We like it or we don’t, but we have to admit that this urban SUV is impressive. On the other hand, the cabin is not very esthetic, but it remains comfortable and well equipped.

The other advantage of the C-HR is its hybrid engine, which allows it to consume very little. The basic Dynamic Ultimate version is equipped with a 122 hp 1.8 engine, which is more than enough for everyday use.

Discounts up to 5.000 €

Toyota offers discounts of up to €5,000 on the C-HR. It will be possible to make a nice deal, especially if you are willing to negotiate a little.

The C-HR is a car that has everything to please, except its looks. If you are ready to overcome this small defect, you can make a good deal by buying a second-hand model.

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