Sacha Fenestraz : An Ambitious Formula E Driver

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Sasha Fenestraz

Sacha Fenestraz is a Formula E driver who joined the Nissan team for the 2024 season. The 24-year-old Frenchman is eager to start this new adventure and fight for the top spots.

Significant improvements for Gen3

Formula E has undergone a major evolution for the 2024 season with the arrival of Gen3. The new cars are more powerful, faster, and more efficient. Sacha Fenestraz is impressed with the progress that has been made:

The Gen3s are really impressive. They’re much faster than the Gen2s and they have a more agile handling. The regeneration is also very powerful, which completely changes the way you drive.”

A major challenge: energy management

One of the main differences between Formula E and other single-seater categories is energy management. Drivers must indeed optimize their energy consumption to finish the race. This is a challenge that Sacha Fenestraz admits is still difficult to meet:

“Energy management is a big challenge in Formula E. It’s an aspect of the race that I still need to improve. I’m working hard to improve on this point and I’m sure I’ll improve over the seasons.”

A clear goal : victory

Sacha Fenestraz has a clear goal for the 2024 season: victory. The young driver is ambitious and he is convinced that he has the potential to fight for the top spots:

I came to Formula E to win races and for the title. I know it will be difficult, but I’m ready to work hard to achieve it. I have a good team around me and I’m confident in our chances.”

A favorite superhero: Batman

Finally, Sacha Fenestraz was kind enough to answer our favorite question: who is stronger between Batman and Superman ? The French driver’s answer is clear:

Batman, of course! He’s smarter and more cunning than Superman. He also has a better costume, so it’s definitely him who wins.”

Sacha Fenestraz is a talented and ambitious driver. He has all the cards in his hand to succeed in Formula E. We wish him a good 2024 season !

Sacha Fenestraz is a young driver with a lot of potential. He is quick, talented, and ambitious. He has a good chance of being successful in Formula E.

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