Forseven: a new star in the electrical world

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Forseven voiture électrique

Nio and Forseven, two companies linked by a powerful common shareholder, CYVN, join forces to revolutionize the electric automotive industry.

Forseven, a promising newcomer

Founded in 2022 in England, Forseven is distinguished by its ambition: to offer an unprecedented vision and a revolutionary electric car. Backed by CYVN, Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, the British start-up has solid foundations on which to make a name for itself in the jungle of automakers.

Strategic licensing agreement with Nio

Forseven has signed a licensing agreement with Nio, enabling it to exploit its cutting-edge technologies. This collaboration covers a wide range of fields, from platform to software, and aims to propel Forseven to the forefront of the market.

A solid, lasting partnership

The agreement between the two companies is open-ended, demonstrating their long-term commitment. However, Nio has included a clause enabling it to terminate the contract if Forseven is taken over by a competitor. This clause underlines the strategic importance of Nio’s technologies and its ambition to maintain its leadership in the industry.

Forseven: towards revolutionary electric vehicles

Details of the shared technologies have not been revealed, but it’s clear that Forseven is aiming to develop exceptional electric vehicles. The British start-up has not yet announced a precise date for the presentation of its models, but expectations are already high.

Forseven, with the support of Nio and CYVN, is a new star to watch closely in the rapidly expanding world of electric vehicles.

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