Stellantis to produce the small LeapMotor T03 electric car in Europe

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LeapMotor t03 voiture électrique

French-Italian-American carmaker Stellantis has announced that it will produce the Chinese LeapMotor T03 electric city car in Europe. It won’t be the C10 SUV that will be LeapMotor’s first Chinese car produced on the Old Continent, as originally planned.

From the end of 2024, the T03 will leave a Stellantis factory in Tychy, Poland. This plant already assembles the Fiat 500 petrol, Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger.

A win-win partnership

The agreement between Stellantis and LeapMotor, signed in November 2023, aims to sell and produce the Chinese manufacturer’s vehicles in Europe. This collaboration will enable Stellantis to offer a wider range of electric cars, while expanding its footprint in the Chinese market. For LeapMotor, it’s a fantastic opportunity to gain access to the European market, one of the most important in the world for electric vehicles.

The T03 will be assembled in Poland using the SKD (Semi Knocked Down) process. This means that the cars will arrive from the factory with certain parts unassembled, such as bumpers, seats and wheels. They will then be assembled locally, thus avoiding certain import taxes and enabling us to offer the T03 at a more affordable price.

An affordable electric city car

The LeapMotor T03 is a small electric city car measuring 3.62 meters long and 1.65 meters wide. It features a 109 hp electric motor and a 41.3 kWh battery, giving it a range of 280 kilometers in the NEDC cycle. Its price is expected to be less than 20,000 euros, making it highly competitive on the European market.

Good news for fans of Chinese electric cars

The arrival of the LeapMotor T03 in Europe is excellent news for consumers looking for an affordable, practical electric car. This Chinese city car is likely to appeal to urban motorists who need a car to get around town on a daily basis.

The production of the LeapMotor T03 in Europe is another important step in the development of the electric vehicle market. This collaboration between Stellantis and LeapMotor is a sign of automakers’ growing confidence in the potential of Chinese electric cars.

For the latest news on the LeapMotor T03 and its arrival in Europe, please visit the Stellantis and LeapMotor websites, as well as the automotive media.

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