Tesla cuts prices : Did the Scenic have reason to be scared?

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Tesla Model X

Renault hit hard by launching its electric Scenic, with very attractive prices. But Tesla didn’t hesitate to react, lowering the prices of its Model Y in turn. So, who was right?

The Scenic, still well positioned

The Scenic is available from €39,990, which is a great deal for an electric family SUV. The 87 kWh battery version, which offers a range of 625 km, is also very interesting, at €46,990.

The Model Y Propulsion, which is the closest competitor to the Scenic, was previously sold for €45,990. But Tesla announced on January 17 a price reduction of €3,000, which now places it at €42,990.

Tesla, always more competitive

The price reduction of the Model Y makes it more competitive than the Scenic in terms of price. It is also better equipped, with a 15-inch touchscreen, standard Autopilot, and a panoramic glass roof. But the Scenic still has a major asset: its range. The 87 kWh battery version offers a range of 625 km, 125 km more than the Model Y Propulsion.

The Peugeot 3008, an outsider on the rise

The Peugeot 3008 electric is also a serious competitor for the Scenic and the Model Y. It is available from €44,990, or €1,000 more than the Scenic.

The 3008 electric offers a range of 527 km, which is less than the Scenic, but more than the Model Y Propulsion. It is also equipped with a 11 kW on-board charger and a 160 kW DC charging.

In conclusion, the Scenic remains a good choice for those looking for an electric family SUV with a long range. But the Model Y Propulsion, which has lowered its prices, is also an interesting option, especially for those who appreciate performance and equipment. The Peugeot 3008 electric is, on the other hand, an outsider on the rise, with an interesting range and a competitive price.

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