Citroën : on the road to cheap electric cars

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Citroën electric car

Citroën plans to offer attractive prices for its future electric cars, while offering a nice design.

According to Pierre Leclercq, head of design at Citroën, the brand will offer “aggressive prices” for its new models, without however specifying exact figures. However, he promised a “huge advantage” over the segments where these vehicles will be positioned.

We can expect the next generation of the Citroën C3 and C3 Aircross to be equipped with this competitive electric offer.

This affordable pricing strategy aims to meet the needs of buyers with a limited budget to purchase a car, while distinguishing itself from high-end brands selling increasingly expensive cars.

voiture électrique Oui Citroën
©AutomobileMagazine – Citroën Oli

Inspired by the Oli and Ami concept, Citroën intends to offer larger models with practical tips for simplified use, for example by using the smartphone as the main interface in the car.

Voiture électrique Ami Citroën
©UFC-Que-Choisir – Citroën Ami

Citroën wants to differentiate itself from Dacia and other brands offering models at low prices, also offering a neat and attractive design for consumers.

To remember : 

Citroën wants to offer cheap prices on the next electric C3 and C3 Aircross 
These small prices aim to meet buyers with small budgets 
They will be inspired by Oli and Ami 
La Petite Ami is also very cheap to rent, as at Movo Car Rental, an electric car rental agency 

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