Cadillac more responsive and attractive than Tesla ?

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Cadillac Lyriq

To promote their new Lyriq electric model in China, Cadillac came up with an ingenious idea: to offer free trials to Tesla drivers waiting for the end of their charging.

While Tesla owners wait for their refills, Cadillac offers free trials. While technology is changing rapidly and wait times at stations are decreasing, the average charge of an electric car at a fast station still takes about 30 minutes, leaving drivers plenty of time to get bored.

To occupy this time-out, Cadillac placed a copy of its electric SUV on a Shanghai Supercharger, where representatives of the brand approached Tesla drivers to offer them a free trial pending the end of their charging.

This method of direct marketing is a genius, as it accurately targets potential customers at a time when sellers have their full attention. Although some Tesla fans reacted negatively to this operation, Cadillac brilliantly rushed into the breach to win customers.

It remains to be seen whether these techniques will be effective to impose the Cadillac Lyriq against the Tesla Model X. It is also important to wonder if this operation was legal, since the Supercharger used was potentially Tesla’s.

In any case, the Cadillac method is much less questionable than some aggressive phone calls from the competition, like that of Lucid.

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