Iceland : an ideal roadtrip for the electric car

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Iceland electric car

Jean-Michel and his wife realized their dream of visiting Iceland by electric car. Leaving France by ferry, they stopped in the Faroe Islands before joining the island of ice and fire.

Before leaving, Jean-Michel took care to check the status of the charging network in Iceland. He found that the situation has improved significantly in recent years. There are now charging stations throughout the country, including in the most remote areas.

The couple travelled over 8,000 km in five weeks. They crossed Iceland from east to west, via the ring road.

Jean-Michel’s Enyaq has a range of 300 km. This was enough to cover most trips. However, the couple had to make some extra stops to recharge the battery.

Charging stations in Iceland are generally fast, with a power of 50 kW. They are also easy to find.

Jean-Michel and his wife were very satisfied with their roadtrip in Iceland. They were able to discover beautiful landscapes without having to worry about the autonomy of their car.

Highlights of the roadtrip

  • Iceland is a beautiful destination, with breathtaking scenery.
  • The charging network in Iceland has improved considerably in recent years.
  • Charging stations are usually quick and easy to find.

Tips for an electric roadtrip in Iceland

  • Book your ferry in advance, especially if you are travelling in high season.
  • Check the status of the charging network before leaving.
  • Plan additional stops to recharge the battery.
  • Be prepared to pay a little more for charging.

This electric roadtrip in Iceland is a great success. It proves that the electric car is a viable option for long trips.

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