Zeekr : soon some faster cars with Kimi Räikkönen

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zeekr electric car

Kimi Räikkönen, the most taciturn F1 driver, joins Zeekr to make his electric cars faster.

The Chinese manufacturer Zeekr has announced the arrival of a renowned ambassador : Kimi Räikkönen, Formula 1 world champion in 2007. The Finn, known for his legendary silence, will be a performance advisor for the firm.

Räikkönen’s mission is to make Zeekr’s electric cars faster and stronger. A task that seems a priori difficult, given the personality of the pilot.

Indeed, Räikkönen is known for being a man of few words. He is nicknamed “The Iceman” for his composure and lack of emotions.

It is therefore difficult to imagine the Finnish driver speaking at length about the performance of Zeekr’s electric cars. He’s more likely to just say “yes” or “no”.

But who knows, maybe Räikkönen’s silence will be beneficial for Zeekr. Indeed, electric cars are often considered silent machines.

With Räikkönen on board, they could finally have some character.

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