The Citroën Ami Pop is getting a makeover

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Citroën Ami Pop voiture électrique

The Citroën Ami Pop, the most affordable version of the electric city car, is getting a makeover for 2024. The changes are primarily aesthetic, with new, more visible stickers and a new gear selector.

On the exterior, the Ami Pop gets black trim around the front headlights. The decorative stickers are also revised. The capsule at the bottom of the doors is now red with a yellow “2”, while the tailgate features a red circle with a white border.

Inside, the new gear selector is more ergonomic and easy to use. It combines the R/N/D controls, the USB port, the ventilation control, the hazard warning light, and the heating/defrost controls.

The price of the Citroën Ami Pop remains unchanged, at €8,890.

These changes are expected to help the Citroën Ami Pop maintain its appeal in the face of increasing competition. The Fiat Topolino, a similar electric city car, will soon be available in France.

The Citroën Ami Pop is being modernized for 2024. The changes are primarily aesthetic, but they should be enough to maintain customer interest. The competition is intensifying, but Citroën’s electric city car should remain an attractive option, especially for its affordable price.

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