Jeep lowers prices for electric Avenger SUV

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Jeep Avenger prix

Jeep has announced a price reduction for its electric Avenger SUV. The American brand is returning to the prices charged at the launch of the model, before an increase in May last year.

The Avenger electric range now consists of three trim levels: Longitude, Altitude, and Summit. The base version, which was offered at €39,000, has been discontinued.

The prices of the other two trim levels have been reduced by €2,000 for the Longitude, and by €1,000 for the Summit. The Longitude is now offered at €38,000, and the Summit at €42,500.

This price reduction may be due to the increased competition in the electric SUV market. Fiat launched the 600e this autumn, a model closely derived from the Avenger, with the same specifications and a starting price of €35,900. Peugeot has also reduced the price of the e-2008, to €39,950 with the 156 hp engine.

With these new prices, the Avenger electric becomes more competitive in the market. However, it remains more expensive than its main competitors.

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