Avtotor Amber : The Russian electric car that will make waves

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Avtotor Amber voiture électrique russe

Russia, which had not produced electric cars since the Zetta Electric, has unveiled its first 100% domestically produced electric vehicles in Moscow.

The Moscow Polytechnic Institute (Polytech) was responsible for presenting the vehicle. The Avtotor Amber is a Russian electric vehicle project based on a modular platform.

The Avtotor plant used to manufacture European cars in Russia. BMW and the Hyundai Group, for its eponymous brand and Kia, had production lines there.

But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, everything has obviously changed. International sanctions have isolated the country, and the Avtotor plant was no longer operating.

The Moscow Polytechnic Institute therefore decided to take over the site to create an electric car. According to its director Vladimir Miklushevsky, it will serve to train future automotive engineers.

The school presented four electric vehicles: a quad, an open van, a van, and a car. It is the latter that interests us: the Avtotor Amber.

Nothing is known about the technology of this model, but pre-production will begin in 2024. Mass production is expected to start in the course of 2025.

Its extravagant look is expected to change by then, as it is a working model according to its designers.

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