A battery problem and the car goes to the junkyard ?

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electric car battery failure

Some brands of electric cars can become unusable quickly in case of battery failure.

Insurers cannot always assess or repair damage, which can result in low-mileage cars being scrapped and high insurance premiums.

Battery packs can be expensive and represent a large part of the value of the car. Batteries are often difficult to repair, especially for manufacturers like Tesla who have chosen a complex design. It is also difficult to assess battery status without access to cell data.

In the sale of wrecked electric cars, there is a large proportion of models Tesla, Nissan, Hyundai, BMW, Renault and Stellantis group. These vehicles all have very few kilometres.

These practices have ecological and economic consequences, including an increase in insurance premiums and CO2 emissions generated during production. European regulations encourage the establishment of standards to facilitate battery maintenance, repair and reuse.

To address these issues, insurers must separate batteries into modules to facilitate repair or replacement, as well as allow access to battery data for independent diagnostics.

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